10 Best Wedding Guest Dresses for a Fall Wedding


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So you got invited to a fall wedding…if your anything like me the first question that pops into your mind would be “What am I going to wear?” The majority of fall weddings tend to be a little more formal than spring weddings due to the season and weather. This definitely limits your selection of fabulous dresses, but it also allows you to indulge in something a little more dramatic. A fall wedding would be a perfect time to break out that perfect LBD (little black dress) or even that gorgeous long sleeve lace cocktail dress that you’ve been dying to wear. Just nothing too revealing like a plunging neckline or an all bright brick/fire red, light red may be ok,  you don’t want to stand out too much and take attention away from the bride. Another word of advice is to, first, know what the color theme of the wedding is. Nothing is more embarrassing than showing up in the same dress as a bridesmaid…well of course if you wear white, that’s just ignorant. Second, stray away from any satin ivory colors or blush hues. Anything that is too light and airy will just look a bit off at a fall wedding where the color themes tend to be deep hues of royal blue and rich purple and gold. Third, I know this wedding rule is ridiculous because I appreciate more than anyone a bright red dress but, don’t be that woman. An old wives tale myth says, “A woman who wears red to a wedding is looking for a good romp in the bed.”

With that said and the ground rules laid out here are some options for wedding guest dresses…In no particular order.

10 Best Wedding Guest Dresses for a Fall Wedding

1. Dorothy Perkins Black Oversized Gem Dress-$69.00

2. Rebecca Taylor Easy Dress-$295.00

3. Lovers & Friends Sway Lace Mini-$158.00

4. Maurie & Eve Wasson Long Sleve-$198.00

5. Free People Floral Mesh-$128.00

6. Rory Beca Chase Ballerina Gown-$262.00

7. Naven Cocktail Gown-$509.00

8. Parker Tank Dress-$330.00

9. Alice & Olivia Ophelia Sleveless Dress-$495.00

10. Bebe One Shoulder Mixed Lace Dress-$119.00


Viva Las Vegas, Open4sale, and maybe Zappo’s!!


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Tony Hsieh new $350 million startup…

The Downtown project in Las Vegas is a dream come true for any passionate entrepreneur. Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, has created the ultimate balance of community and passion right in the heart of Las Vegas. Tony Hsieh’s excellent Las Vegas adventure is something to be a part of and that is why Simon La Barrie, Founder and CEO of Open4sale (O4S), is planning on becoming a part of this community in a big way. Open4sale was invited to attend a personal tour of Tony’s downtown project last week where the culture is vibrant and the excitement is mounting for the Zappos family project.

Below is Simon La Barrie (As seen in picture below standing in Tony’s living room) feeling the synergy and forecasting vision of growth and complete success right in the heart of this company.

The “Think-Tank”

“The most exciting part of the tour was being able to stand in the heart of Tony’s living room and visually digest his “think-tank” for the first time. Innovation is crawling out of this guys pores… We’re excited to be a part of it!”

                       – Simon La Barrie, Founder and CEO of Open4sale

Keep following us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the Zappos downtown callaboration.


Shop.org Annual Summit in Denver

” Open4sale is coming and is one company to watch out for”– Trent Blacket of ROAR

 The Shop.org Annual Summit is digital retail’s most prominent event throughout the year. Each year delivers more and more dominant forces in the industry that offer all attendees an outlook on innovative ways to become a “name to stay” in the industry. Some of the most leading and persuasive  speakers included Jamie Nordstrom, President of Nordstrom Direct, Kara Swisher the Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsD.com and Sameer Samat VP Product Management, Google. More than 10,000 attendees and exhibitors show up to be a part of this educational and innovative experience.

Some of the most influential names in the industry such as Zappos, Paypal, and Amazon open their exhibits and allow the attendees to explore and network with key developers and strategists. Open4sale was one of the attendees that had the people prying for more information. This opportunity for the Open4sale team was more than a success, it was the start of something big…and I mean really big. Due to the fact that our technology and resources are unlike anyone else’s in the e-commerce industry it allowed Open4sale to interact with every exhibitor and leave them wanting for more. Although the Summit was only open for a couple of days Open4sale definitely made a name for itself in the industry. All the positive feedback we have been accumulating only adds more truth that, now more than ever, we will be able to successfully launch and become a dominant force in the industry.    


*Jamie Nordstrom’s speech on how customer service is ever-changing and evolving for the better…blog link below



NY Fashion Week with Tarvydas

“Could this be the saviors of retailers?”- Yahoo.AU

New York Fashion week was a week of innovative designers and fabulous fashion shows studded with celebrities and paparazzi everywhere. Gorgeous models strutted down the runways in sexy couture and timeless chic trends that will set the standards for the fashion industry. Although the fashion shows are a go-to must I have to say that I do indulge myself in a little after party every once and a while and there was no better part than the Open4sale and Tarvydas fashion show that was held at the Andaz hotel.

This was a night to remember and although the champagne was flowing heavily, it will be a night no one will ever forget. Ruth Tarvydas is an iconic fashion designer with her infamous store in Perth,Australia. Ruth has dressed countless amounts of celebrities, pageant queens, and socialites from all around the world. This is why it was our honor to partner with her and her ingenious fashion team for a night of fashion and fun. Ruth’s masterpiece collection was visually stunning, seductive and really got everyone in the mood for a great celebration.

Aside from Ruth’s masterpiece collection the surprise of the night came from the world’s first live streaming demo of the Open4sale technology that went live all the way to the flagship Tarvydas Perth store in Australia. This flawless demonstration brought the crowd in New York directly to the crowd in Perth and together we all made history. This enlightening demonstration of the virtual shopping experience that connects the merchant and consumer personally and directly was a huge success!

“It’s the bridge that retailers need to compete with face-to-face real time retail.” – Simon La Barrie, Founder/CEO Open4sale

The response from the press was a huge hit and now we are on our way to our first soft launch and couldn’t be more excited! Following the on going hype about the launch through our Facebook or twitter and stay current with the Open4sale events!




















CEO Simon La Barrie with our gracious host Amanda Landry


Karina Grimaldi

A true fashion statement does not fade or trend. It does not blend into a crowd of people who are all wearing it. An everlasting and true fashion piece is something that is unique and autonomous on many levels. Traveling trough Miami, Florida I discovered a local designer by the name of Karina Grimaldi. What drew my attention to this designer in particular was that she had an effortless way of articulately expressing her balance of femininity and romance in each and every design. One of her more popular staple pieces would be the Maria strapless romper and top. These strapless silk rompers and tops feature a tie with peacock feathers at the ruffled bust and come in several varieties of colors such as royal blue and fuchsia.

Aside from her staple ruffled rompers and tops I found the most captivating wrap dress I have ever worn and seen before. Now, I know when you think the perfect wrap dress you think of Diane Von Furstenburg’s timeless creations and i agree I love them. There was just something about this Karina Grimaldi dress that made my heart putty. The wrap dress I am raving about, which I believe will always stay in fashion, is the Florence wrap dress in neon knit. The florence wrap dress is floor length and has the most alluring fit. Although the fabric is knit it is light and airy and has a black lining on the inside. It ties as a halter around the neck and accentuates the waist of a woman by tying just above the hip bone. My favorite detail on this bohemian inspired dress is that when you walk you have a Claudia Schiffer moment and immediately feel sexy. Do to the way the dress hits your hips it opens in the front as you walk exposing your left leg while hiding the parts that really matter.

All in all I would recommend this dress to anyone of any body type that enjoys feeling feminine and sexy without over exposing. Below are several of Karina’s designs that did exceptionally well and also are my favorites.

Let’s start with my favorite dress the bohemian chic Florence wrap dress in neon knit

And in solid pink

These strapless silk rompers and tops are her staple and we can see why…also pictured are her other most popular designs including swimsuits and maxi’s!!

Best Riding Boots for Fall

The neon color dresses and itsy bitsy bikinis are just two of the trends that have come and gone with summer. Fall is quickly approaching and boy am I ready for it. I  cannot wait to throw on a big comfy sweater and some killer over the knee boots and call it a day. Although I feel as if boots should be an all year round item, they are not and this is why fall is so exciting. As I shop away at my nearest department stores and boutiques I’ve notice that boots have completely started to take over the shoe department and I couldn’t be more excited. There are several types of boots ranging from platform to ankle booties, but the boots I wanted to focus on the most were riding boots. There are a couple of riding boots that stand out from the rest and I wanted to share this valuable information with you. Here are my top 10 ridding boots for this season. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!!

In no particular order our top 10 riding boots for Fall:

1. Frye Riding boot Melissa (in two tone and taupe)

2. Gucci Maud Tall Leather Boots

3. Vince Camuto Rainer Boot
4. Tory Burch Selma Boot

5. Enzo Angliono Saylem Boot

6. Jessica Simpson Boot

7. Goden Goose Boot

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Fersea Boot

9. Steve Madden Midori Boot

10. Fiorentini and Baker Boot

My Perfect Hi Low Dress

Now that summer has officially arrived it’s no better time to rock the high low dress trend that has been taking over the fashion scene. At first I was a little skeptical about all of these flowy maxi dresses and awkwardly cut hi low dresses, but once you have one on the comfort and design will ignite anyones love for the trend. These pieces are not only sexy but they have a romantic side thats whimsical and dreamy. Every time I wear one I feel 100% feminine and princess like. In since this flowy dress design is meant to fit everyone I have been having the hardest time finding one that complements a smaller more petite frame like myself. Maxi dresses were too big and the short dresses were a little too sheer. I wanted a hi low dress that was simple and easy to wear. Finally I found it!!

While shopping in Costa Mesa,CA I came across this gorgeous hi low dress that has a sheer coral layer and a crochet bra cup for the top. The dress is made by Oxford Circus which is available online or in select boutiques. I have had most of my luck finding these cute dresses on Tobi.comLuLus.com and Polyvore.com. There are two great aspects to this dress that I have yet to find on any other hi low sheer dress. First, the crochet top comes with a built in padded bra top that offers support and control for the “girls”. The other is that there is a hidden zipper on the side that allows you to fit in the dress perfectly snug. The sheer coral layer is bright and vibrant…just in time for the neon summer trend. Below is the dress from Oxford Circus and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Here are a couple more pieces from Oxford Circus that will make your heart flutter…

High-end designers selling at low-end retailers

The debate between quality vs. quantity always comes to mind when thinking about high-end fashion and how to keep a luxury brand exclusive. What actually defines a high-end luxury brand and separates them from quality over quantity? For one, we know that it is definitely the exclusivity that makes these luxury brands inaccessible and practically unrealistic to the majority of society. Growing up as a little girl in an ordinary, working, middle class society a Louis Vuitton purse was a right of passage and you got one from either exceptional grades or graduation. So it’s no reason that these exceptionally elite luxury brands are worth every penny because they are hard to afford and own by the masses.

This being said, with the downturn in the economy, I have personally noticed that many of these luxury brands and high-end fashion designers are creating lines that are more affordable to the masses. Many of these designers are selling at affordable major retail stores such as Kohl’s, H&M, Target and Macy’s… just to name a few. When designers, the ones that have always stuck to the “top notch” avenue and then decide to stray to the “affordable” street, does their brand name become degraded in a way? After all this time of succeeding with a line that is elite why would any designer want to make their brand accessible to the masses? By all means I am not complaining, I am absolutely loving the affordable Versace styles at H&M right now. It’s more of an observation and a curiosity as to why a designer would want to, in a way, “sell out” and become accessible. Without a proper interview or statement from the actual designer I don’t think I’ll ever have an honest answer. So until then I wanted to make an overview of a couple designers that have decided to come to the economical side of fashion and make something that was exclusive now inclusive.

Vera Wang with Simply Vera available at Kohl’s

Roberto Cavalli available at H&M

VERSACE available at H&M

Missoni available at Target

Jason Wu Available at Target
Karl Lagerfeld available at Macy’s

Favorite cut out piece yet designed by Donna Mizani


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A couple weeks ago I compiled my favorite and not so favorite fashion pieces for the cut out trend that everyone is raving about. It’s sexy, classy and yet cool enough to wear outside in this beautiful summer weather. I was shopping in Newport Beach, CA and came across a boutique by the name of Lola Rouge at Fashion Island. I saw this dress and knew it had to be mine. Especially on sale for $89.99…what a steal. This dress covers all elements to the perfect cut out dress. It has holes on all the right places to help accentuate those not so flattering areas. The first cut out appears perfectly centered between the collar bone and top of the breast. This is a perfect placement for heavy set and small chested gals…no matter where you fall you will look good. The second set of cut outs appear just below the rib cage and are connected by a piece of black material that lays down the front of the dress. This spot for cut outs is my favorite because it makes you look like you have a six pack due to the rib placement.

The designer of the dress is someone I don’t often hear about, but now I can’t wait to see her up and coming collection for the fall. Her name is Donna Mizani and she has her way with the cut out trend. All of her staple pieces feature sexy cut outs and/or leather trimmings that make all of her collection one of a kind. What sets her apart from the rest is she is affordable and her fabrics are extremely comfortable.  Young hollywood elites are gravitating to her line for just that reason.

These pictures best represent the Donna Mizani staples



Pink, it’s like love at first sight


There is something to be said about the perfect shade of pink. The color pink, just like people, varies from bright to bold and from light to dark. There really is a broad spectrum of pink available for any person that can appreciate finding the perfect pink. Myself, being a perfectionist, has wandered the stores in search for the perfect pink nail polish. I am looking for something that is romantic with a hint of  sassiness. A baby pink that is not quite white yet not bright enough to be a solid pink. Think bubblegum meets whiteout.

Finally, while wandering around nordstroms buying things I don’t really need but for some reason have to have I saw it…My PERFECT PINK and a nail polish at that. This nail polish is made by butter from London and it’s a pale retro bubblegum pink custom lacquer featured on the catwalk of a top Brit designer for S/S 2011. The name of it is Teddy Girl. If your able to buy one let me know what you think. Enjoy!